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2020 online subscription (6 issues)

2020 online subscription (6 issues)

Subscription term : January – December
Number of issues : 6
Цена: 6,920.00 руб.
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Each online issue of the magazine is delivered in a .pdf file of about 7 Mb. To open the file, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required which can be downloaded for free on Adobe website.

The file will be sent to an email address which was used when signing in. Please note that you can indicate any special requirements in the comments section. Delivery of online copy is scheduled in accordance with magazine release dates (no later than hard copy release).

Thematic outline 2020:

№ 1 (91) January – February
Technical means of information security
Release date: 04.02.20

№ 2 (92) March – April
Cybersecurity in digital world
Release date: 01.04.20

№ 3 (93) May – June
Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity
Release date: 02.06.20

№ 4 (94) July – August
Big Data in cybersecurity
Release date: 31.08.20

№ 5 (95) September – October
5G network and Its security
Release date: 20.10.20

№ 6 (96) November – December
Information Security Management
Release date: 02.12.20

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